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Recreational Activity

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These past few days have been really amazing. L&T is drawing to its end, and my friend group has been solidifying itself a bit more. On Saturday I went to my very first Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was amazingly wild and crazy and hilarious. The next night my friends and I all drove into town at 1:00 in the morning to get food from a diner, which was delicious. The food at Bard is pretty mediocre, so the diner was a welcome relief. Last night, after I signed up to be on the Debate Union, we watched a horror movie called The Conjuring (why is it that horror movies seem to be all titled “The _______ing”?). Then at 1:00 in the morning (best hour of the night) a bunch of people from another dorm showed up and we all went outside in the rain to play tag in our underwear. I caught a cold, but it was absolutely worth it.

College is crazy.

Getting Into the Swing

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Sort of figured out L&T at this point. Everything is going pretty smoothly. I just finished a 4 page paper, and I’m really happy with the results. Had a bit of homesickness last night, but other than that, things have been going fine. Did my own laundry for once, which was ridiculously expensive. Today I went to a lecture about quantum mechanics, which was really cool, even if it didn’t get very in-depth. It was mostly just conceptual talking. Feeling kinda strange that I haven’t really had much time to sit down at my computer and screw around on the internet.

First Week + My Weekend

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Well, I’ve officially been at Bard for a week, though it feels more like a month. L&T is really cool, and I’m making friends with a lot of the people from my class. I went to a concert at SMOG on Friday night, which is a little garage covered in graffiti art that people sometimes play music at. It was amazing. Yesterday half of our dorm got together because we all had to read Antigone, so we all read the lines of different characters, and we had a good time. This morning I went down to the waterfall with a few friends, and we swam around in there. It was absolutely freezing, but it was still incredibly fun. There’s a tie-dye & pizza party happening at our dorm right now and my roommate Austin made a really badass tie-dye T-shirt.

Language and Thinking

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So it’s thursday, and I’ve already had 3 days worth of L&T classes. L&T is strange. At once it feels very discussion based, and completely structured at the same time. We don’t openly debate anything, but everyone goes around and shares their written responses to all the things we read. I usually get about 3 hours of homework that I take around 5-6 hours to do, and it isn’t really all that bad. Unfortunately, a lot of it is reading authors who don’t understand that the point of language is to communicate and share ideas, rather than just confusing everyone who reads it. (Lookin’ at you, Gertrude Stein.)

Last night we were required to go see a movie as part of our homework. I have no idea what the fuck it was about. Something about a parasite and people having a psychic connection to pigs. It was very strange. I can’t wait for today when I get asked to explain how that movie changes our views about Gregor Samsa’s imprisonment in the body of a giant bug or something. My entire L&T class was there and we spent the whole walk back to the dorms flipping out over the fact that the movie made no sense whatsoever.

My L&T classmates are really cool, for the most part. There’s one guy who’s a dick, but other than that everyone is really friendly and smart. I’m actually really proud of the essays and the poem I wrote for that class.

Still making a bunch of friends. Well, it’s more like solidifying the friends I already have. We’re doing a lot of bonding. I sort of have a group of people now, which I’m extremely happy about. Mostly just people from my dorm.

Tonight I have to read 38 pages of Arendt and Aristotle, revise two essays, write a third, and then read one of my poems at a performance at 8:00.

Speaking of which, I visited the Bard graveyard yesterday and it totally blew my mind to see Hannah Arendt, the woman whose work I’d been reading for a week, buried there. It was scary.

Meteor Shower

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So yesterday I made a ton of friends. I was pretty nervous in the morning because there was no one hanging around our dorm, and I felt awkward sitting there by myself. So instead I went down to breakfast (even though I didn’t want to eat anything) and tried to find people there. And of course, it turns out that no one was awake yet. And as soon as I went back to the dorm, everyone started coming down to breakfast. Cool.

I went on this little excursion that was called “The Trails of Bard,” expecting it to be a tour of the shortcuts and secret passageways of Bard, but it turns out we left Bard campus in the first thirty seconds of the event and spent the whole time wandering through the woods for an hour and a half. It was good though, I made a bunch of friends with people from my dorm who were on the hike with me.

Then there was a sort of “Meet People!” event with a bunch of activities for people to do to interact with each other. Unfortunately, none of them were particularly appealing, but I ended up making friends with all the other people who didn’t like the activities. Turns out most of them were from our twin dorm Catskill. (Hudson and Catskill are almost identical, and they’re right next to each other.)

Then the PCs of like 6 different dorms all held a panel and talked about life at Bard from a student’s perspective. Everything from when to call EMS to the “sock-on-doorknob” protocol. After that, President of the college Leon Botstein gave us an incredibly inspirational speech. His voice is like thunder dipped in molasses. Definitely the single most intelligent human being I’ve ever met.

That night, there was supposed to be a meteor shower, so a bunch of my friends and I ventured out past the farm at like 11:00 at night with a flashlight. It was cloudy, so we weren’t very optimistic about seeing anything, but it was fun to just wander around campus in the dark. We did end up seeing some shooting stars, which we were happy about. My shoes were thoroughly soaked.

When we got back, we ended up staying in the kitchen and talking until like 1:30 AM. One of our dormmates made curry sauce with nothing in it, but our PC had some gluten-free bread sticks that tasted like nothing. We ended up dipping them in curry sauce and eating them, all while talking about sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

It’s Monday morning, and class starts today. I’m a bit nervous, but very excited. I’ll update you guys on how that went either tonight or whenever I have time.

First Day

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Hoo boy… Today was amazing. It felt like it was at least 60 hours long.

I moved into my dorm, met my roommates, who are both pretty cool, and made a ton of friends. My dorm (Hudson) joined with our twin neighbor (Catskill) and did some fun “getting to know each other” games. It felt kind of childish, but it was fun nonetheless. There was so much walking though… I went to town and got myself a bike to make the travel easier, but this first day was tough on the feet. Hudson is the second-northernmost dorm on campus, and it takes more than 10 minutes to walk all the way down to the dining hall and the main campus. I made that walk at least five times today, and biked it twice. My feet are killing me.

I really love all my dorm-mates. They are all incredibly amazing people, and I am so looking forward to getting to know them better. We’ve spent all of six hours we’ve been together, but I already feel like we’re a kind of family. This place is amazing.

Intro: Leaving in Two Days

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So I’m leaving Arizona for Bard College in New York. Because I have so many friends in AZ who I want to keep in touch with, I decided to make this little blog to keep you all updated on my life. I’ll be blogging about my life at Bard, and sort of just getting my thoughts out. Hopefully I remember to update this regularly. I’ll still talk to you all on Facebook and Skype and everything, but I probably won’t be posting about everything that happens to me there. This blog is going to be much more journal-like. If you want to keep up with me and hear about Bard, this is where you can do that. If you don’t, well, fuck off.

I’ve got everything I’m bringing to Bard all stacked together. Only thing left to do is put everything in bags and get on the plane. I’m still trying to decide how many books to bring, though. I’ve narrowed it down to five (besides my school books), but they’re all really thick books. Not sure if they’ll fit. I’m flying to NY on Friday and staying in a hotel for the night, then moving in first thing Saturday morning.

I’m pretty nervous about all of this, even though I know I’ll be fine. My roommates, Austin and Mason, seem pretty cool. We’ve only talked on Facebook, but I feel like we should get along pretty well. I’m concerned about the amount of work I’m going to be doing. I’m not really looking forward to reading 150 pages per night, but I have no idea if that’s actually what I’m going to be doing or not. Everyone (my Dad) has been hyping up how much harder college is than high-school, but I have no idea how much of that is hyperbole. I guess I’ll find out soon.