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So it’s thursday, and I’ve already had 3 days worth of L&T classes. L&T is strange. At once it feels very discussion based, and completely structured at the same time. We don’t openly debate anything, but everyone goes around and shares their written responses to all the things we read. I usually get about 3 hours of homework that I take around 5-6 hours to do, and it isn’t really all that bad. Unfortunately, a lot of it is reading authors who don’t understand that the point of language is to communicate and share ideas, rather than just confusing everyone who reads it. (Lookin’ at you, Gertrude Stein.)

Last night we were required to go see a movie as part of our homework. I have no idea what the fuck it was about. Something about a parasite and people having a psychic connection to pigs. It was very strange. I can’t wait for today when I get asked to explain how that movie changes our views about Gregor Samsa’s imprisonment in the body of a giant bug or something. My entire L&T class was there and we spent the whole walk back to the dorms flipping out over the fact that the movie made no sense whatsoever.

My L&T classmates are really cool, for the most part. There’s one guy who’s a dick, but other than that everyone is really friendly and smart. I’m actually really proud of the essays and the poem I wrote for that class.

Still making a bunch of friends. Well, it’s more like solidifying the friends I already have. We’re doing a lot of bonding. I sort of have a group of people now, which I’m extremely happy about. Mostly just people from my dorm.

Tonight I have to read 38 pages of Arendt and Aristotle, revise two essays, write a third, and then read one of my poems at a performance at 8:00.

Speaking of which, I visited the Bard graveyard yesterday and it totally blew my mind to see Hannah Arendt, the woman whose work I’d been reading for a week, buried there. It was scary.

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