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These past few days have been really amazing. L&T is drawing to its end, and my friend group has been solidifying itself a bit more. On Saturday I went to my very first Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was amazingly wild and crazy and hilarious. The next night my friends and I all drove into town at 1:00 in the morning to get food from a diner, which was delicious. The food at Bard is pretty mediocre, so the diner was a welcome relief. Last night, after I signed up to be on the Debate Union, we watched a horror movie called The Conjuring (why is it that horror movies seem to be all titled “The _______ing”?). Then at 1:00 in the morning (best hour of the night) a bunch of people from another dorm showed up and we all went outside in the rain to play tag in our underwear. I caught a cold, but it was absolutely worth it.

College is crazy.

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