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First Day of Real Classes

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I just finished my first day of real (non L&T) classes at Bard. I’m taking Physics, Calc 2, Intro to Nonfiction, and First Year Seminar (a mandatory class for all freshman).

My Calc 2 class is kind of scary because my professor talks at approximately the speed of light, and we reviewed all of Calc 1 in the first half hour of class and I wasn’t sure how well I remembered it. Physics was really cool, and I got a massive wave of nostalgia when he wrote “F = m*a” on the blackboard. Nonfiction was strange and awesome. We read a weird essay that was like a list of “how to do _____” for girls in some very sexist culture, and this is a direct quote from our professor: “This isn’t actually about all of this. This essay is about sex. The history of the world is really the history of the regulation of sex, OK?”

So yeah, welcome to Bard I guess. FY-Sem isn’t until tomorrow.

EDIT: FY-Sem was awesome. My professor is really cool, and so are all the kids in the class. We talked about Genesis for like half an hour, and it was awesome.

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