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The First Week

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Holy hell, has it been a week already?

All right, my Physics class is interesting. It’s not exactly the same physics that I took in high-school, which I’m happy about, and it’s not as hard as Calc 2, which I’m also happy about. It’s more like the problems are just messy. They usually resolve into pretty neat answers, but to get there you have to slough through a bunch of values to the fifth decimal place and stuff. It’s ugly. I haven’t had the physics lab yet, though. That happens tomorrow afternoon.

Calc 2 is difficult in that it’s new material that I haven’t learned before and I don’t have my formulas from Calc 1 memorized. It takes me longer to do all the problems, since I have to use my cheat-sheet for everything. Being good at math does not mean being fast at math, but we have to cover so much in every lesson that it gets a tad bit overwhelming at times.

Nonfiction is fun, and our professor is totally wacky and cool. I like how completely open-ended all of our prompts are. I just write shit and it turns into something cool. The essays we read are really interesting, too.

FY-Sem is probably my favorite class just because there’s so much more interaction with other students. We get to talk about interesting issues. So far we’ve just been reading Genesis, and the discussion is pretty fascinating. I really like all of my classmates, and I want to make friends with them outside of class.

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