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Care Packages & Calculus

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Calc 2 has been pretty difficult. Every time I left that class I would think to my self “Oh gods, I didn’t understand any of that! What am I going to do?” It’s highly stressful. But then I’d go back to my dorm and do the homework and understand everything after a while. Our professor just teaches so fast that all I can really do is copy down everything he puts on the board as fast as I can and then try to figure it out later that night. So far it’s been working, but it’s still stressful to leave every class thinking “Wow, I suck.”

However, things are looking up. Whenever he teaches us something new he always writes out a few problems for us to solve in class, just so that he can see whether we’re understanding everything or not. Usually I never finish these problems, but yesterday he taught us how to do, and I quote, “the longest calculus problems you will ever have to do,” and I finished the in-class problems before almost everyone else, and I felt like I totally understood what we were doing when I left class. That’s the first time this has happened, and I feel great.

In other news, my parents sent me a care package in the mail that arrived today. I was expecting it just to be my mouse and keyboard, but it turned out to be full of snacks, an entire twelve-pack of ramen, some tea, a pot and strainer, silverware, and a bowl and mug. It was awesome. I almost died trying to carry it all the way to north campus from the post office, but it was worth it.

I love my parents so much.

PS: The club fair was last night and I got in contact with the fencing and slam poetry clubs. Looking forward to that!

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