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Fall Break Aftermath

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So I just wrote a paper on Calvin and Hobbes. That felt amazing.

I’m kind of buried in homework at the moment, but that’s because I decided to take the day off homework and have a late night having fun. Totally worth it. I needed a break (after fall break). It’s odd how taking a break from work makes it so much harder to get back into the flow of things.

Over the weekend I went to visit my grandparents and their sheep. Long Greyhound bus trip, but I was happy I did it. Had some withdrawal symptoms there because they had no cell phone service or internet. It’s scary that places like that exist, right? Anyway, it was good to see them, and it was much better than sitting in my room with nothing to do all break. I got about 300 pages further through A Game of Thrones.

I have a Calculus midterm on Monday that I am (or should be) studying for. Kinda worried about that. It’s all stuff that I think I get, but it’s just going to be hard to remember all the formulas. Memorization is my least favorite thing in the world. Y’know, besides genocide and mass starvation all that stuff.

I got my first paper back on Thursday. Got an A-, and I’m pretty happy with that. I’d love to be getting solid As, but it was my first paper, and I would have been disappointed if it had been that easy.

I’m actually really not sure how well I’m doing in my classes. I feel like I’m doing well, but I have yet to see a single numerical or alphabetical representation of my grade in any of my classes other than that paper. I think I’m going to go ask my professors how they think I’m doing.

Anyway, I’m ¬†pretty busy here, and I can’t wait for the week to be over. I know, it’s only Saturday, but I usually pretend like Thursday and Friday nights are my weekends and do my work during the day on Saturday and Sunday when there aren’t any particularly exciting events happening.

It feels good to be productive though. I like being busy, whether it’s with social life or work.

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